Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Baby Girl!

Madison is five years old today! Nothing major planned and I felt a little guilty about it. After all, five is a pretty big mile stone. What kind of mother am I? If you know me well then you know I tend to do birthdays big! (Unless it's my own, then it's time to pretend it's not happening.) Although, there was no huge party, it was a great day. Madie was served extra special birthday pancakes! They were so good I had a couple myself. Then we just lounged around for the entire morning. We had an awesome Birthday Photo Shoot! Lunch at Wendy's and some shopping at Walmart, where she picked out some of her own birthday presents. (She told anyone that would listen "Today is my birthday!" and hasn't taken the Cheer outfit off since.) Daddy came home with a super soft Harley Bear and we ate Little Mermaid birthday cupcakes. It was the sweetest thing to hear her say, "This is the best day of my life!"
Happy Birthday Baby Girl! You are a gift from God and I cherish you everyday!

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