Friday, April 18, 2008

Quick Note!

Orders placed on or before April 25th will be in before Mother's Day! Orders placed after April 25th will not be in until after Mother's Day! Thanks.

My Babies and more!....

You all know I get really attached to my clients and their kids. I mean ATTACHED! Love them. Heart swell, in love! And some of them become my dearest friends. (I mean, I'm not much of a friend really. I have no time between the kids, the dogs and a man I love more than life ridin' around on a motorcycle in the rain.) Yeah, I've got a little on my plate. So this post is a little sneak peek of some really sweet babies and a couple of big kids I did this last week.

But I just have to say, Little man "A" always gives me a run for my money. My first post of him some time ago was of him "running" away from me. Amy you are an amazing Mom! Just when we think we are only getting nothing but the back of "little man's head" Well, just wait til you get your slide show. I think you will love it. And OH MY GOSH Baby "B" with those big baby blues! Boys, you are lucky. You have the most awesome Mommy and Daddy.

Next up, "Little Man C and the Big Dog B" People, tell me if it's not the cutest thing you've ever seen. Please!

Then "Little Slugger M". I know, I've got some Cubs fans out there! He can take me out to the ball game any day of the week.

"Princess H" is just so sweet! I adored her and her Mommy. I think they are beautiful.

Last but not least, to my new Risk Manager. Just happy you were not here to see my shoot with my "Little Man A". You would have had a heart attack. I know I almost did. You're kids are so cute and I can't wait to send you the rest!

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