Monday, June 09, 2008

Calling all 2009 Seniors

Sometimes life is just plain hard. Just the day to day can be difficult, especially when your a blended family and the dynamics are sometimes, well to be gentle, out of wack. God knows that I often fall short or at least I feel like I do. But no matter what's going on at any given moment there is never any doubt that I'm the luckiest woman in the world. Don't take that as my life is perfect. Far from it but I know I'm blessed and by the grace of God I feel really lucky. Lucky to have six beautiful, amazing healthy kids, a wonderful husband, a terrific family and a Grandmother who has survived lung cancer long enough to see her 80th Birthday. We've all got STUFF! No matter what, there is just always stuff! And with all my own stuff to take care off sometimes I feel like I don't have much left to offer those who might be in need. But over the last year I've come to realize that my passion for photography is exactly what I have to offer. Which is one of the reasons I do what I do and I love it so much.

Please check out this month's ad in Clarksville Family Magazine. Call or email me if you are or know a Senior that would be a good candidate for our Senior Portrait Scholarship Program. Applications will be accepted through July 1st and recipients will be announced on July 10th!

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