Monday, May 03, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere!

   Hey everyone! I just wanted to give an update of my exciting weekend. First of all, I hope everybody is safe and all is well with all of you. We had a heck of a rainy, stormy weekend didn't we? I was out near Nashville shooting a wedding on Saturday and what a beautiful wedding it was, despite the crazy thunderstorms. Sascha, you were beautiful! The ceremony and reception went great. Nashville flooded on Interstate 24 and 40. I was on both of those and I was lucky to get home before the worst hit out there.
   Sunday we discovered a big branch had pulled down some electrical lines into our backyard but that was the extent of the damage at our house.
   Down the street from us Dunbar Cave State Park flooded out onto the road and it was closed down. Dave and I took the kids down to check it out and I brought my trusty camera. I wanted to share some of those photos with all of you. You will have to excuse the quality of some of these photos though. It was still raining when we first got there and my lens kept getting wet and fogging up. Anyway, enough rambling. Let's get on to the photos!
Dunbar Cave / Swan Lake

This is a shot of my youngest son at the water's edge on Dunbar cave road when we first got there. He was amazed at how much water there was.

At the  Water's Edge
I went up to the edge of the water and zoomed out to get a shot of the people on the other side of the water. You can see them way in the back.

Canoe anyone?

There were some people having a great time canoeing into the road.

The ducks enjoyed their new swimming area as well.

Street Woes

This is the intersection of Dunbar Cave RD and Idaho Springs Rd. The street sign was at least halfway under water.


One of the benches we used to sit on and watch the ducks and geese. It's is now a resting place for ducks who need a break from swimming.

Distress Signals

I found this little guy ( uh... big and scary to me!)  fighting for his life by clinging to the blades of grass. He needs a bug airlift rescue.

Main Attraction

This is now the newest attraction at Dunbar Cave... at least for now. I met a woman that said she had not seen it this badly flooded in 20 years!

Have you seen my Beach?

I think this guy was injured. He was soaking wet and didn't run when I approached him for a picture.

Grand Finale

Last but not least is this  shot I took last night. It is one of my favorites. I stepped out on my porch last night and the moisture in the air was so abundantly thick you could see the water droplets just floating there. I pulled out my camera and tripod and got this shot. I love the big tree across the street from my house and the street light that was shining through it picked up the moisture so well. This is my attempt at capturing that in this shot.

I hope you all enjoyed this photo-adventure of my neighborhood excitement yesterday. Again, I hope all of you are safe and ok. If any of you are in need let me know and I will do what I can to help out.

Stay tuned for more photo shoot postings in the next couple days. I am almost done with a very pretty 2 yr old's portraits, some family portraits and a wedding. Lots more to come!

**If anyone wants some portraits next to the flooded lake I would be happy to set up a session!** 931-624-8003

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