Monday, August 12, 2013

Behind The Scenes with Classic Creations - Kristina White | Clarksville TN, Nashville TN Portrait Photographer Family photographer Newborn photographer

It was hard to keep this a secret... 

Photo courtesy of Missy Neely Photography
 The most important thing to finding the right photographer for you is to find one that you click with. One that cares for you and your family and one that loves what he or she does. If you have small children you need a photographer that is good with kids. if you have a high school senior you need a photographer that specializes in seniors and one that your young adult will be comfortable with. I absolutely love working with newborns(my specialty) babies, children and families. This is where my passion lies and this is what I am good at. I love all things vintage. I love light and colors especially soft colors. I love a little whimsy in my photographs. I love capturing emotion and expression, not just a pretty smile. I love creating art for your walls and to show off to your friends. Heirloom pieces that will last a lifetime. 

Photo courtesy of Missy Neely Photography
I wanted to find a way to visually show you, my clients and friends as well as those of you who are looking for the right photographer what it is like to have a photo session with me and to have a peek into what you can expect when booking a session with me.

Photo courtesy of Missy Neely Photography
 I have been contemplating how to go about this for a long time and then My inspiration hit! My good friend Elizabeth of Elizabeth Thompson Photography made a behind the scenes video of one of her newborn sessions and I had the honor of assisting her. Inspired by her video, the wheels started turning and ideas started coming to me. I contacted the talented Zac Johnson of The AV Suite and he brought my vision to life in this behind the scenes video peek          
into some Classic Creations Photography photo sessions.

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Some final images from these sessions:
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Behind the Scenes with Classic Creations