Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our 2012 Valentine Mini Cards Collection

These are our wallet size "mini Cards" I love these so much and they are the perfect size for giving valentines at school or anywhere and you can keep them in your wallet or purse too! They come in sets of 15 for $12 or 30 for $20

Session Giveaway!! | Clarksville tn lifestyle photographer

If you are not on our Facebook page you should be...
There are many giveaways and special discounts we give to Facebook fans. Our Facebook page is also usually the first to get updated about these things as well as sneak peeks from sessions.
Well the reason for this post is not only to talk about the many reasons to join our facebook page but the also is to announce our newest Facebook giveaway that has just started.

An Awesome Giveaway!
This year I really want to get back into doing lifestyle photography and offering lifestyle sessions as an option for your photo session with me so I decided to do a giveaway! There will be 2 winners and the winners will each receive a lifestyle photo session as well as a 10x10 collage storyboard custom designed by me!Go to the Facebook page and comment on the post about this giveaway to be entered in the giveaway. Also if you get a friend to like our page and leave a comment telling us you sent them then you will get a second entry in the giveaway! Every time a friend likes our page and leaves us a comment you will get additional entries in the contest! Find the Facebook post HERE and comment on the post about the giveaway.

What is Lifestyle Photography??

Lifestyle photography is more of a candid style or photojournalistic style of photography. In lifestyle photography the intent is not to capture a nicely posed portrait (although in a lifestyle session I will also include a couple of these because who doesn't want a nice picture of the family?) but the intention is to record and capture genuine moments between family members or of an individual. A lifestyle session is held usually at your home or a place your family likes to go. We capture moments with your family doing things you like to do together such as playing a board game, fishing, playing at the park, special moments of momma singing to baby in the baby's nursery, dad tossing brother in the air or having a tea party with his daughter....the ideas are endless. Thye point is to capture the relationships and bonds you have on camera to keep and treasure for all time.
Sure I love sessions with props and nicely posed portraits. Those are always needed and have their place but lifestyle sessions record life as you know it right now. It captures the bond between a couple or a parent and child. They wont be little for long so why not have those special moments artistically and professionally captured to always help you remember those times.

Remember to visit our facebook page and enter the giveaway.
 Find the Facebook post HERE and comment on the post about the giveaway.
If you would like to book a lifestyle session cal or email me at 931-624-8003

Newborn Love | Clarksville tn newborn and baby photographer

I love newborn sessions! This particular session was special to me though. Momma had contacted me about doing this session which was originally planned for January. She was due around the same time as I was(literally within a couple days) so we were going to work around both births. Well my baby came 4 weeks early....and so did hers! This sweet baby girl was born one day after my son was born! We were Facebook-ing each other while in the hospital! I had such a wonderful time with her during the session and big (2yr old) brother wanted to help out so bad and wanted to keep an eye on what I was doing with his baby sister to make sure she was ok. It was so cute! 
Enjoy the peek into this session.

Behind the Scenes with Classic Creations