Saturday, January 28, 2012

And The Winner Is....

And the winners of the Lifestyle Sessions and collage storyboard are................................. Brittany Faulkner and Patricia Sterrett !
Congratulations ladies! I will be contacting you soon to set up your session :)
...and since a blog post just doesn't look right to me without a picture...I leave you with this image...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh the Sweetness of a Sleeping Baby | Clarksville TN Newborn and Baby Photographer

I just love sleeping babies! There is nothing like it. They just look so sweet and peaceful!
Staring into an image of a sleeping baby is very is an image I captured today of my little one while he napped.

The only light used was the soft, yummy window light spilling in from across the room. No reflector, no studio light, no flash. 

I just wanted to share these with you and hope that maybe you will be inspired to capture one of the sweetest moments there is of your own children. A sleeping moment. It is moments like these that go so quickly and we will never have them back again...except in images.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our 2012 Valentine Mini Cards Collection

These are our wallet size "mini Cards" I love these so much and they are the perfect size for giving valentines at school or anywhere and you can keep them in your wallet or purse too! They come in sets of 15 for $12 or 30 for $20

Session Giveaway!! | Clarksville tn lifestyle photographer

If you are not on our Facebook page you should be...
There are many giveaways and special discounts we give to Facebook fans. Our Facebook page is also usually the first to get updated about these things as well as sneak peeks from sessions.
Well the reason for this post is not only to talk about the many reasons to join our facebook page but the also is to announce our newest Facebook giveaway that has just started.

An Awesome Giveaway!
This year I really want to get back into doing lifestyle photography and offering lifestyle sessions as an option for your photo session with me so I decided to do a giveaway! There will be 2 winners and the winners will each receive a lifestyle photo session as well as a 10x10 collage storyboard custom designed by me!Go to the Facebook page and comment on the post about this giveaway to be entered in the giveaway. Also if you get a friend to like our page and leave a comment telling us you sent them then you will get a second entry in the giveaway! Every time a friend likes our page and leaves us a comment you will get additional entries in the contest! Find the Facebook post HERE and comment on the post about the giveaway.

What is Lifestyle Photography??

Lifestyle photography is more of a candid style or photojournalistic style of photography. In lifestyle photography the intent is not to capture a nicely posed portrait (although in a lifestyle session I will also include a couple of these because who doesn't want a nice picture of the family?) but the intention is to record and capture genuine moments between family members or of an individual. A lifestyle session is held usually at your home or a place your family likes to go. We capture moments with your family doing things you like to do together such as playing a board game, fishing, playing at the park, special moments of momma singing to baby in the baby's nursery, dad tossing brother in the air or having a tea party with his daughter....the ideas are endless. Thye point is to capture the relationships and bonds you have on camera to keep and treasure for all time.
Sure I love sessions with props and nicely posed portraits. Those are always needed and have their place but lifestyle sessions record life as you know it right now. It captures the bond between a couple or a parent and child. They wont be little for long so why not have those special moments artistically and professionally captured to always help you remember those times.

Remember to visit our facebook page and enter the giveaway.
 Find the Facebook post HERE and comment on the post about the giveaway.
If you would like to book a lifestyle session cal or email me at 931-624-8003

Newborn Love | Clarksville tn newborn and baby photographer

I love newborn sessions! This particular session was special to me though. Momma had contacted me about doing this session which was originally planned for January. She was due around the same time as I was(literally within a couple days) so we were going to work around both births. Well my baby came 4 weeks early....and so did hers! This sweet baby girl was born one day after my son was born! We were Facebook-ing each other while in the hospital! I had such a wonderful time with her during the session and big (2yr old) brother wanted to help out so bad and wanted to keep an eye on what I was doing with his baby sister to make sure she was ok. It was so cute! 
Enjoy the peek into this session.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine mini sessions | clarksville tn photographer

Announcing our valentine mini sessions!!
I am so excited about these! I originally had my hubby build this stand for some minis we will be doing this summer (so stay tuned for those) but when I got the idea for a kissing booth I just couldn't resist! So here they are...our valentine "Kissing Booth" minis. I have done a few of these sessions already and they are just super cute!!

There are two packages to choose from:
Both packages include the session and an online album with at least 8 images to choose from.

Package A
2-5x7's and your choice of either 15 valentine mini cards (wallet cards) or 10 4x8 photo cards $60

Package B
3 images on a CD with print release and your choice of either 30 valentine mini cards (wallet cards) or 10 4x8 photo cards $99

Sessions spaces are limited. Call me or email to book yours: 931-624-8003

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Introducing Our DSLR Camera Basics Photography Class | Clarksville, TN Photographer

I am so excited to announce that we are now offering photography classes for those that would like to learn how to take better pictures and how to use all those settings on your fancy SLR camera. Ever wondered what all those buttons were for? Want to improve your picture taking skills when photographing your kids in their everyday life? Well I am here to help. When I started out in photography it was when I first started having kids. My son had so much energy and he was either running or sleeping. There was no in between with him! Well I loved the challenge of getting a great picture despite his non cooperation. I loved experimenting with different angles and ways to shoot ...and that was the beginning of my photographic journey.

Register for classes HERE

Camera Basics

SLR basics is a beginners class where you will learn how to use your camera as well as learn some tips and principles to better picture taking. The class is designed to help you in your everyday picture taking, give you a better understanding of your camera and of what makes a good picture.

*This class is not designed to make you a professional photographer.*

What is included

*Approximately 2-3 hours of instruction  including
hands on learning time
*a manual of the course for later reference
*Q&A time
*lots of fun!
Things we will learn:
How to use the camera settings as well as which settings are ideal in various situations
Principles of photography such as perspective, composition, the "rule of thirds" & more.
A general understanding of what aperture, shutter and ISO is.
How to capture great moments of our kids being kids and pictures that are meaningful, not just telling them to stop, sit down and smile.

Register for classes HERE

...and finally
Classes will be limited to 4-5 people so I can give everyone more direct one on one attention. Classes are first come first serve. You may take more than one class if you like. classes are $80 each

It is recommended to have a DSLR camera since we will be covering settings for DSLR's but most point and shoots now have similar features and should be fine.

 Email me for details.
Register for classes HERE


Photography Basics Classes Resume...
We will  be resuming our DSLR Camera basics class and we also have a second class called Beyond the Basics in 2014  that will focus more on the elements that make up a good picture (ie. subject placement, perspective, location, light etc) and will have live child "models" for us to practice our techniques!

Register for classes HERE

 Price: $65/class or $110 for a two class workshop 
Use code 2classes for the discount when registering for two classes

Upcoming Camera Basics classes
Saturday, Jan 30, 9:00-12:00
Saturday April 23, 9:00-12:00
Saturday July 30, 9:00-12:00
Saturday Oct 8, 9:00-12:00 

Upcoming beyond the Basics classes
Saturday, Jan 30, 1:00-4:00pmSaturday April 23, 1:00-4:00pm
Saturday July 30, 1:00-4:00pm
Saturday Oct 8, 1:00-4:00pm

*locations are TBD depending on time of year, weather, etc. I will contact you with the location at the time of registration.

Register for classes HERE


**A special thank you to Darci Ann Photography for the photos in this article**

Monday, January 16, 2012

Attention Momarazzis!!

In the next couple days I will be announcing my new photography class, SLR MOMMAS.  This class is designed for moms (and really anyone) who want to learn how to take better pictures  with their camera. Stay tuned for all the details. Spots will be limited and are first come first serve. If you would like to receive an email when these classes first become available send me a message at

Update: Info for the classes can be found HERE

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Head Shots by Classic Creations |Clarksville tn photographer

Today I got to go out with a fellow photographer friend of mine and we played around with headshots. I think as a photographer it is good to get in front of the camera once in a while. It really puts the clients point of view into perspective and I think there is so much us photographers can learn just from being on the other side of a camera sometimes. Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the images I got from today. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Engagement Fun | Clarksville tn wedding and engagement photographer

I just love engagement sessions. Besides newborn sessions and weddings, my other passion is couples. I just love engaged couples! They are so fun to photograph and they express such emotion in the relationship which makes it easy to capture in photographs. This particular couple was a lot of fun! I just love when my clients are willing to step out of the box and  allow me to take them on an adventure so to speak in the session. I love to experiment and try new things. Now don't get me wrong, I do love and appreciate the importance of traditional portraits and I like to include some of the more traditional in each session as well as fun and new. I think both are just as important to photography and each brings balance to an image and to photography itself. 
Anyway, I had so much fun with this couple that it was hard to narrow down the pictures...even for a sneak peek. Here are a few from the session. You can also see additional images from this session on our Facebook page here

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