Tuesday, June 01, 2010

This Month's Featured Product - Brag Books

Hey everyone! It is now June and time for our featured product! This month features our newest addition to our product family- The brag book. This book is an accordion style book that makes a great gift for grandparents, a deployed loved one, seniors, new mothers and so many more!

For the month of June we are giving away a free 3x3 brag book with any purchase over $200!

The brag book comes in two sizes.
   The 3x3 which has panels to hold up to 10 images is great to carry in your purse or pocket, fits nicely in a work desk drawer or spread out and displayed. It is the perfect size to send with a deploying family member too!
   The 4x8 size has panels to hold up to 7 images and is great for seniors, grandparents, and parents. It can be spread out and displayed on a table or folded and set on the coffee table. It is a great way to present your seniors pictures, or to give as a gift.

The brag book is a nice portable alternative to the traditional photo storybook and each one has a concealed magnet for convenient, soft closure.
These books are reasonably priced at $40 for the 3x3 and $55 for 4x8 when added to your print collection order.

I am so excited about these precious little books! They are very affordable yet very high quality and oh so unique! I can't wait to pull mine out and show off my kids pictures to everyone!

For more info or to schedule your session call Kristina at 931-624-8003

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