Wednesday, August 04, 2010

August Product of the Month -Mobile Screensavers!! | Clarksville Tn Photographer

I love my cell phone! I also love pictures on my cell phone even more! I am periodically changing the screen picture on my phone depending on my mood or for certain holidays. I love using my favorite photos from a favorite photo session. At most times I will have a client's photo that I absolutely love on my phone as a screen saver. As I was thinking about this last night in bed I had a brilliant idea - Offer my clients images from their session as a screen saver image sized for their specific phone! (yes I come up with ideas in the strangest places)

So this month we are proud to introduce mobile screen images for your phone!
The mobile screen image is only $10 and this month you will receive a FREE mobile image with any print collection purchase!!

You can choose an image from your session and I will re-size it to fit your specific phone model and screen size. Then it will be sent directly to your phone. Smart-phone users may have the option of having their image instantly transferred directly from my computer.
Now you can enjoy a high quality screen image of the ones you love right on your phone to show off! 

**Clients from previous sessions can order mobile images from their past sessions**

For more info call Kristina at 931-624-8003

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