Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Newborn Safety is Always First Priority | Clarksville TN newborn Photographer

I had a few people asking about the "head in the hands" pose since I did one recently. I wanted to show how it is done. No babies can not do this on their own nor is it safe to try and "balance" a baby this way. The baby's safety is always first priority. A hand was on the baby at all times. The pose is achieved in Photoshop by combining several photographs into one finished portrait. Never allow a photographer to do something with your child that you are not comfortable with. It is OK to say no. We always have many other ideas and options to try.
*Now I am not big on photoshopping images all the time. I prefer natural images and believe in getting as much right in-camera as possible before post-processing but sometimes these types of shots are fun and in this case the parents specifically requested this pose. I just loved this little guy! He is so adorable!

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