Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mother's Day is fast approaching....

We love to see smiles. Especially on a child. But don't be surprised when you fall in love with those images that are the real expressions... the curiosity on your child's face, the seriousness of his or her eyes or the giggles right from the gut. Captivating are the sincere honest expressions of children. The moments where they are simply being themselves in their own environment, not just posed around cute little props or backgrounds. (Not that those aren't sweet too.) But for this Child's Play Collection these are the expressions I look for, observe and hope to capture for your own Child's Play Collection. I will be down on the ground, playing, talking, watching and interacting with your child waiting to capture the REAL expressions that you've come to know and love. Your child. At play. Being his or her self.

The Child's Play Collection is a limited offer as a MOTHER'S OR FATHER'S DAY gift idea. You will receive (5) 5x7 prints framed and ready to hang in a beautiful double mat collage frame. This is a wonderful gift idea for parents and Grandparents alike. The entire collection framed and ready to hang is just $75.00. Again, limited offer! So book NOW!!!!!!

Payment due at the time of session. Delivery depends of booking.

Currently there are opening for Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2nd at Clarksville Fairgrounds Park. Don't forget Mother's Day is May 10th.

*Not valid with any other offer. Gift cards or drawing winners etc.

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