Monday, October 27, 2014

What to Wear November 2014 | Clarksville Tn Nashville Tn Family Portrait Photographer

The end of the year is approaching fast! Don’t miss out on a one of a kind photoshoot at Classic Creations Photography. Check out these style ideas, I’m sure you’ll find them delightful! 

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Year round Holiday Pictures? Yes Please! You can make your Christmas pictures last longer than the holiday season by incorporating neutrals with the traditional Christmas red. For instance, tan, grey, and black all tie well with any shade of red! Ladies, how posh would you look in a ruby red high heel bootie?!

Who loves cozy sweater weather?! This is the best time to put on your favorite sweater or knit top.  For a fun photo session wear an argyle knit shirt or a red blazer! Are you really bold? Try wearing red pants with a light grey top. Your family will look polished, but yet cool!

Pink leopard! Who thought of this genius idea?! Pair a pink leopard shirt with a soft layered ruffle skirt and leggings to get the photo party started! Your child will surely have a great time wearing this look and her photo session will be a rockin’ good time!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby Zachary is Here | Clarksville Nashville Tn Hopkinsville Ky Newborn Baby Photographer

Baby Zachary was so perfect to photograph! He was so squishy and had these perfect little baby rolls! He was also a great sleeper! He just snuggled in and let me pose him however I wanted pretty much. I really enjoyed this session. Mom and Dad have a very special little guy here! Here are some of my favorites from the session

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Mom, Dad & Mr Bean | Clarksville Nashville Tn Hopkinsville Ky Maternity Photographer

Mr Bean has an announcement to make...

That's right! Mom and Dad are expecting their first human baby! Mr Bean is in for some big changes around the house. Mom and Dad are so excited too! Mayra is just stunning in her pregnancy as you can see. I had a lot of fun at this session and I absolutely love catching the light at just the right time! I can't wait to meet the baby soon!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Baby Kayden Four Days Old | Clarksville Tn Newborn Baby & Family Photographer

I just love squishy babies! Every newborn is beautiful in their own way. Some are teeny tiny, some have very tiny delicate features, some are just so mellow and good natured and some are bigger and cuddly and squishy! Baby Kayden was no exception. Born at 9.5 pounds she was so cuddly and had all those great beautiful baby rolls! She did so well for her session. Momma and Daddy are truly blessed with this little one.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Announcing a New Arrival! Newborn Basics Sessions! | Clarksville Nashville Tn, Hopkinsville Ft Campbell Ky Newborn Baby Photographer

We are excited to announce a new arrival...

We are so excited to announce a new type of Newborn session we are now offering! 
The "Newborn Basics" Session. 
This session is perfect for those that may not be able to invest in a full custom session or for those that just need a few simple images and don't necessarily want all the bells and whistles of a full blown custom newborn session. The newborn basics session is a 30-45 minute session and consists of one set up: Choose either family portraits or a simple blanket set up of just baby. 
You get 5 digital images with print release and the option to add on more and order prints.
Spaces are limited though. I will only have room for two of these per month so book yours while you are still expecting.

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Monday, October 06, 2014

Birth Photography...What is it and how to find the perfect birth photographer | Clarksville Tn, Nashville Tn, Hopkinsville Ky newborn baby, birth photographers

Hello everyone! Today's blog post is a little different but I wanted to start something new on the blog. Today we have a guest post by Faith of Faith Doggett Photography! Faith is a great friend of mine and an amazing birth and homecoming photographer here in the  Clarksville/Ft Campbell area. We have actually teamed up to offer a combined package of birth and newborn photography to expecting families called Beautiful Beginnings. You can read all about that awesome package HERE and HERE

 I invited Faith to come and talk to us today about birth photography. Birth photography is a fairly new genre of photography that is quickly growing in popularity. Faith is here to tell us what birth photography is all about and what you should look for when finding a birth photographer. So without further is Faith!

Hello everyone, I'm so excited to share with you about a subject near and dear to my heart, birth photography!  Birth photography is a relatively new genre. Some of you are wondering what exactly it is all about. First of all, let me say, it’s not about that one shot. It’s actually about capturing the entire experience, the effort of labor, the connection between family members, and the inexplicable joy felt in meeting your child. It’s about the bonding that happens as Mom, Dad, and other family members welcome their newest addition. 

Birth photography is about telling that story. A story that, honestly, a woman may not remember all of the details of, without having it captured for her. Being focused on bringing forth that sweet baby, takes a lot out of you whether delivery is natural or medicated, or if it’s a planned or emergency c-section. Your memories are easily blurred by the tiredness that comes following delivery. There’s very little sleep to be had in the first months as a new mother. (Who am I kidding?! My kids are almost four and five, and I am still sleep deprived!) Having the photographs to look back on can make a world of difference in what you remember. What I wouldn’t give to have had a birth photographer there for my births! 

Some people may think that their husband or another family member can capture what needs to be captured. I humbly disagree. I think Dads, and other family members are meant to be support people, not photographers. They are a part of the story and should be fully available to experience it and support Mom with whatever she needs.

 A birth photographer frees them up to do the handholding,forehead wiping, ice chip feeding, back rubbing and cheerleading. 


Dads should be allowed 
to enjoy those first
 moments with 
Mom and baby without 
the worry of fumbling 
with a camera, or 
forgetting to take 
pictures altogether.


Now, with all that being said… What do you look for when searching for a birth photographer? 
First of all, I suggest meeting with everyone you are considering. This is someone you are allowing into a very important space.  You want to feel at ease with them, and be able to trust that they are there for you. You want someone who is there for you if you need them, but is for the most part, able to blend into the background.

  You want a professional, they are familiar with hospital policies and dealing with hospital staff. Pros have plans; they have babysitters and backup babysitters, and backup photographers in case of an illness. The last thing you want is someone bringing the crud to your delivery room! Births can happen in a variety of locations with many types of lighting. You need someone experienced in dealing with that, someone who knows her camera, and that camera should be able to handle low light situations.

Going along with the professional aspect, you definitely want someone who is licensed and insured. Yes, a professional is going to charge more, because they have business expenses to think of on top of everything else. 

It is absolutely worth the investment though, to know that you have someone that meets all of the above criteria, to know that your precious memories are in capable hands.

 Every birth is a once in a lifetime experience. Keep your memories fresh with the help of a professional birth photographer!

I've decided to add a little fun to go along with this guest blog! Who likes scavenger hunts? Anyone? Who would like half off of their birth photography package? (*For mamas expecting in January 2015 or later) I also have a half price Fresh 48 up for grabs as well as a $75 gift card!! Head on over to 
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Check out the video below to see what a whole birth with Faith is like.

Faith Doggett is a member of 
The International Association 
of Professional Birth Photographers. 
She has been capturing births since 
early 2012. Faith also specializes in 
Military Homecomings and Family 
photography in Clarksville TN and 
surrounding areas. Portfolio and 
contact information can be found 

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