Saturday, December 27, 2008

Many Thanks

I just want to thank everyone again. I know there are so many people that have come to lend a helping hand. So many friends. I appreciate you all, there are no words.

Jess and Kate will be home today so this is a difficult time for them. They haven't seen the house yet, I guess we'll be reliving it all again as the girls come home. I really appreciate all of you, forgive me if I've not mentioned someone. There are so many people that have helped. Ernie and I feel so lucky to have such amazing friends. There are so many stories to tell from this whole event of such acts of kindness and goodness and I will tell them as I get the time.

I appreciate your thoughts as I focus on the kids so that I can help them adjust. The next couple of days will be hard as we get ourselves situated.

Jennifer, I can't thank you enough sister!!!!!!! Leigh, You ROCK! I havent' had a chance to tell you how much what you did has meant to me. And there are so many others.

Much Love to all!

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