Friday, June 20, 2008

Sisters by Chance... Friends by choice!

I couldn't resist posting this one. These two just make me so happy. I mean like heart swell happy. It isn't easy when you are a blended family. But hey, that's how I like my margarita's! (Could really go for a couple of those right now.)
You'll be sick of me and my kids by the time I post everything. It's been an awesome couple of weeks and there is lots to share. (Got some cool shots from the lake and our canoe trip. Coming Soon)
And these of Emily and Jess goofing around as usual. They had a good time at Camp Rainbow. I hope it's an experience my girls will remember forever! I know I will. Can't wait until next year. I was so honored to photograph these little campers and all the amazing BWC friends that make this incredible week happen for these kids.
Special Note to Camp Rainbow families. Please feel free to email me for a copy of the slide show. We will only email privately, it will not be posted on the blog. Classic Creations also releases any copyrights of these images taken during the camp. Much love to you all!
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