Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christmas Card Roll Out!!!!!!

I've been hard at work and there are still a few more card designs coming your way. But here is a glimpse of what we have so far. These are high end cards printed with a UV coating. (Cardstock is simular to the giftcard bookmarkers if you have one of those.) We will still offer a few 4x8 single sided cards. Please contact me for pricing. These cards must be purchased in qty of 25.

5x7 Back

5x7 Front Reindeer Design

5x5 Back

5x5 Front Pink Holly

5x7 Front (Back side is beige in color has place one or more photo)

5x7 Back

5x7 Front Mauve Design

5x5 Back

5x5 Front Green Ribbon and Lights

5x7 Front Black Print Design (Back is Black with space for photo and wording)
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