Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is your dog ready for GAME DAY?

We're all gearing up for GAME DAY! I was really happy to do this quick photo session for my friend Mimi. She'll be running a couple of these in her upcoming ad with The Leaf Chronicle so be on the look out for it. This adorable Boxer belongs to Kimberly Kintrup. It was a beautiful day and what a fun shoot. I'm not too sure if there are any openings left but I will be shooting at The Doggie Day Spa this Sunday and Monday. So give them a call (931) 503-2284 for any last mintue openings. Pet Portraits and Valentine's Day Cards are available. (And they are too cute!)

Football always reminds me of my late father. I miss him. Little side story for ya...Our neighbors son saved data from my melted hard drive computer so although Ernie and I lost all our early pre digital photos of our families we do have some recent years for which I am so grateful. But what I am most grateful for are the little group of pictures that were in a plastic bag tucked away in my closet of my father. (old old pictures, prehistoric like) It is truly an act of God that they were saved right with a very very special Bible of my husband's. Kind of amazing really. One of the little miracles we've experienced, along with so many over the last few weeks.

God Bless you all and thank you again. ENJOY Game Day, I know I will as my husband and I eat some chips, drink some beer and watch football in rememberance of my Dad.
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