Monday, May 10, 2010

2 Year Old Bliss!

    A couple of weeks back I had a really fun session with a very active 2 year old princess. We did a few shots here in the studio and then ventured outdoors for some very cute portraits!  Little miss "L" loved the water and really enjoyed throwing rocks into the creek. Mom and I took her to play on the tables  where she enjoyed jumping into mom's arms and we explored one of the paths.  Little ones take such great photographs! They are so playful and natural. They don't worry about what their hair looks like or if they are smiling "right". They enjoy life and they just are who they are and that shines through in photos. Here are some shots from the session.

Such a pretty little girl! The light pink background compliments her strawberry hair.

I just LOVE her expression I captured here!

This is my favorite from the studio shots.

Miss "L" discovered Catsears.

A big laugh for a little girl!

I just thought this was a really cute shot. This is one of those fleeting natural moments, captured for all time. 

Another favorite! She was having fun climbing on the tables. another precious moment captured! I love the expression and the pose.

This was a tiring yet fun shoot. I spent the day following her around capturing photographs. The small ones can sure give me and mom/dad a good workout but it is so worth it in the end!

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