Wednesday, August 25, 2010

LIke Mother, Like Daughter - Mother Daughter Portrait Session |Clarksville TN Family Portrait Photographer

    Last weekend I got to photograph a Mother-Daughter session. One thing I love about family sesions, especially parent-child sessions is the interaction and emotional connection that is present. There is a special bond between a parent and a child that brings emotion and expression to a portrait that you cannot find anywhere else. Mother-Daughter sessions are a great way to capture and preserve those bonds for all time. Mother daughter sessions as well as parent-Child sessions make great gifts for grandparents or for Father's day or Mothers day.

     This session was particularly meaningful. Mrs. "F" wanted to have some special portraits that her daughter would be able to look back on 20 years from now and remember their relationship and bond. She understands the value and importance of a portrait. Portraits are the avenue through which we have emotion and memory preserved for a lifetime. As you look at a portrait the emotion of the moment and the relationship you have with that person comes back in a way that is more powerful than just a vague memory on it's own. When Mrs. "F"s daughter is grown and has children of her own, she can look at these portraits and always feel the bond she has with her mother. 

Here are a few images from this special session:

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