Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Childhood Memories by Classic Creations {Clarksville TN Childrens Photographer}

I love children sessions! Especially fairy sessions and any other dress up sessions which I have come to call Childhood Memory sessions! These type of sessions are intended to bring back and capture the classic innocence and joy of childhood. Childhood memory sessions remind us of the days we played make believ an became fairies,princesses, supeheroes, huck finn, had lemonade stands, and did ballet in the woods or had a tea party with friends. These sessions create images that quickly become heirlooms and make a great piece of art hanging in your home, preserving these precious memories for a lifetime. Watch as your children experience the simple joy of a childhood experience that is quickly being replaced by video games and television. Watch as your child giggles and experiences the same simple joys we did as children.

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