Friday, November 04, 2011

Important Studio Updates

Just A Couple of Important Updates

Studio Transition: We have outgrown our studio!! We are now in the process of transitioning into a new studio. We have been moving the studio out of the former building and we are in the process of finding something bigger and one that will be a perfect fit for us and our clients. We can't wait to find the new spot.  We have several we are looking at. The new studio will be so much better and comfortable for everyone. Thank you for your patience during this time and no worries...I will still be able to do studio sessions and all other sessions the same as always. Fortunately this is a business that is more flexible when it comes to location.

A New Addition: If you have not heard yet, We are expecting a new baby boy this January! Dave and I are so excited! Of course I will probably bombard you with lots of images of him :)
I have been receiving quite a few questions about if I will be taking time off from photography when our little bundle comes. We will not be closing.  In general, the studio slows down some in January and February to a comfortable pace already and I am blessed to have a husband that helps out and is able to be with the baby if I need to go to a photoshoot as well as my teenagers and their friends who would love to cuddle my baby while I shoot pictures. So I will most likely be taking it easy the last half of January and the beginning of February but will not completely be closed for business.

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