Thursday, February 02, 2012

More Newborn Sweetness | clarksville tn newborn and baby photographer

I have been blessed the past few days with my favorite type of clients....newborns! I have really been enjoying these wonderfully tiny and cute clients of mine.This precious little girl was the cutest thing! She was very wide eyed and fought the sleepiness for most of the session but we were still able to get some cute "open-eyed" shots. We wrapped her to keep her all warm and snuggly...just in case she wanted to take a nap but she didn't want her arms in the wrap. She wanted to be free to move so we let her and when she did finally fall asleep she put her hands into her favorite pose, holding her own fingers. So cute! We got some cute shots and then she finally fell asleep and these are the adorable images we captured:

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