Sunday, September 02, 2012

Brotherly Love | Clarksville TN Baby and Family Photographer

I am in love with these images! I love my kids to pieces but have the hardest time getting them to take pictures. I think they got burnt out when I would make them pose for my school assignments. So when My 9 year old Johnny actually wanted to take pictures with his baby brother I jumped at the chance!

 Usually Johnny like to make faces and act goofy when I try to take his picture. I am so glad he cooperated and I got some great images that I can cherish forever of my two youngest children. Johnny just loves his baby brother and he enjoys being a BIG brother finally and I am so glad I now have images that capture their relationship!

  These pictures just make my heart if I could just get the teenagers to cooperate....but that's another story. For now I will just enjoy these moments captured in these the hard part is deciding which ones to put on the wall and how big!

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