Thursday, September 20, 2012

What to Wear - September issue | Clarksville, TN photographer

Wondering what to wear for fall pictures? Well here is some inspiration for September.

Fall is coming and it has already started cooling off. Many photo sessions will be taking place outside so here are some outdoor clothing tips. It's that time of year it can be a little chilly but still too warm for a coat. Start introducing layers especially with children. Layers will look cute and as your child starts moving around...a kids do you can take a layer off and they still look good for the rest of the pictures. This can also come in handy with little ones if they trip and fall and get dirty...just take a layer off and voila! Still looking nice for pictures! Always keep location in mind when choosing footwear. Many sessions in fall take place in the trees  and "off the beaten path" so to speak. Remember you will most likely be wandering around in grass, dirt, hiking paths and maybe even through some brush. It will depend on location and how adventurous your family and your photographer is. Comfortable but stylish shoes are a must. Boots work well and look cute on young girls paired with dresses. Make sure if you wear any heel that it is a short wide heel for walking around in nature. Browns not only go with just about everything but wont show any dust or dirt that may get on them while walking around, sitting , standing with toddlers that step on your feet, etc. 

*Remember also that the more comfortable your family is, the better thew pictures will come out.*
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