Sunday, November 25, 2012

what to Wear November-Dec 2012 | Clarksville TN Photographer

I know this is a little late. I try to have these up around the 15-17th of the month but due to illness being passed around my house I am a little late with this one. 

Well, it is getting colder and winter is right around the corner. This is the perfect time to try an urban portrait setting if you are going to venture outdoors for your session. Downtown clarksville has many options from old historic buildings, great churches, the train station as well as newer buildings and shops. There are so many options! Clothing should be darker with a pop of color. This works well with the muted tones of an urban landscape. add a cute coat and maybe a scarf and you are set! Blacks, browns and grays go well with an accent of blue, pink, red or just about any color you desire.

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