Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What to Wear July 2013! /Clarksville, TN Photographer

Color Trends for Your Summer Session!
    Are you wondering what you should wear for your summer photo session? Well, no need to worry anymore! There are lots of color trends that look great during the summer! Here is a sneak peek of some nice patterns that would work well for photos! 
       Lets start off with an outfit that has a nice, simple, and eye grabbing pattern; like a lovely dress. The pattern or print can have multiple colors like a blue, yellow, red, pink, brown, or even maroon! All of these colors would look great! Note: not every person in the photo needs to wear a pattern/print. Having too many patterns and prints going on at the same time will clash and make the photo too "busy"!
     Nice solid colors that are within the pattern will look very nice. These solid colors will help balance out the different colors within the photo! Someone can wear a nice blue polo with some brown shorts, while you wear your favorite solid yellow shirt along with your favorite shorts or capris that will make your photo look magnificent!
        Although bright colors are nice, you can also mix in a little of the darker neutrals as well! A neutral grey shirt paired with some maroon shorts is also a nice color trend to help blend all the different colors within the photo! Don't be nervous or unsure about your choices of color! There is always a way to blend these different colors into a harmonious and beautiful photo! Just remember, not every person in the photo should wear a pattern! Having multiple different patterns within a small area takes the eye off of the photo as a whole and will make all the colors clash within the photo!
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