Friday, October 25, 2013

Triplets! | Clarksville TN multiples and newborn photographer

Working with newborns requires patience and skill. As a newborn photographer myself, meaning I specialize and am trained and experienced in this area, it can be very rewarding. I love working with these tiny miracles and creating beautiful art for parents to cherish and pass down. Many times, here at Classic Creations Photography  I am blessed to have multiples. I absolutely love working with multiples. Multiples bring their own unique challenges to a newborn session. Not only is there more than one baby to get to sleep and pose but many times these precious babies have come into the world very early or have spent some time in the NICU.Each set of multiples is unique in their needs for a newborn session. It is a good idea to find someone experienced with preemies and multiples. I team up with my good friend and professional newborn photographer Elizabeth Thompson for each multiples session we do. You receive not one but two experienced professional newborn photographers experienced with many multiples and many preemies. We are sensitive to your babies' needs and requirements for a safe and enjoyable newborn session.

**remember we have a special discount for newborn multiples sessions**
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