Monday, August 25, 2014

The Triplets are Back!! | Clarksville, Tn Nashville, Tn Baby Photographer

Remember these sweet babies???

Well...they came back to see me!

Michael, Layla and Zachiel sure have grown!! I first met these sweet babies at their newborn session. After an early birth and a few weeks in the NICU they went home and at 4 weeks (adjusted age) they came in for their newborn pictures. They were already growing so well. They went from 2 & 3 pound babies at birth to 10 & 11 pound babies at their session!

Well at 10 months old they came back to see me! They are still growing and moving and so active and full of life and energy! I would have to say a sitting/crawling triplet session is just as chaotic and busy as a one year walking session with just one baby! I had so much fun! Zach wasn't too sure at first and they were all so curious as to what was going on. Although they were a little more serious for their session, they were just as gorgeous as they were 10 months ago!

Here is a peek at their session.

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