Friday, April 09, 2010

Family Time

     Family pictures are so important. We like to document and showcase our family's growth and relationships through pictures that capture those moments and memories for all time. That's why our philosophy is "Life...Captured". I want to capture those moments in life worth remembering and to show relationships between family members in beautiful images. Whether it is a dad wrestling his son or a mom getting kisses from her little ones I love to capture those natural and memorable moments. Although I love the candid life photography I do also understand the desire of some for those nicely composed family portraits as well. These traditional shots are nice to have as well. Whether you are a traditional family, a more adventurous family, or somewhere in between, I love to capture those characteristics and traits in your family photography.
     The weather is getting nice out. It's time to head outdoors for some family memory sessions. If you would like to book a memory making session to capture your family's personality in special images call Kristina at 931-624-8003

Here are some images from a recent family studio sessions.

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