Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Should I Wear? | Clarksville, TN Photographer

 Announcing Our New 
What To Wear Guide Series

I am so excited to announce our new what to wear series we will now be featuring here on the blog. Every month about mid-month, we will post a what to wear guide with wardrobe inspirations for the current season. I hope this helps and inspires you for your next portrait session! 

What To Wear?
What should I wear to my portrait session? I hear that a lot.
 A wardrobe can really add to or take away from the images created in your session. It is one of the biggest dilemmas, especially for every mom, as she is figuring out what everyone should wear in their pictures.

 Well it used to be easy. Everyone in black or white tops and matching blue jeans...well times are changing and so it is in photography wardrobe as well. Photographers used to say "plain bright colors, no white, no patterns, etc, etc". Portrait wardrobe is evolving. Patterns are welcome and bring interest to the images when done properly. Of course we don't want too many varying patterns that clash but a couple different patterns in the same color family or complimentary color family will work well. Color, pattern and style of clothing are all factors and can change the feel and mood of the images created. Sometimes a whole photo session theme and prop inspiration can revolve around a certain outfit or clothing style.

At Classic Creations we now offer the choice to have a pre-session consult free of charge. This is where we can talk about the session, ideas and clothing options to make sure everything will come together perfectly at your session to help create beautiful and treasured images for your family. This consult can be done in person or via phone if needed.

I look forward to planning you next portrait session with you!

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